Ahara Ration Card Karnataka

In this article, we will see the information of Karnataka Government Ration Card List 2019. If you an Indian citizen then the ration card is very important for you. Ration card is used as one of the main documents. The ration card is used as the permanent resident proof of India. You only can buy ration from ration distribution shops if you have a ration card. It is mainly used to buy food and civil products at less prices than the market. Here you will get information about how to see Karnataka ahara ration card list 2019.

  • Karnataka APL Ration Card.
  • BPL Ration Card Karnataka.
  • Karnataka Antyodaya Ration Card.

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Ahara Ration Card Category

There are few parameters which affect the category of ration card like family income, family income and other. Here we will see the information about ahara’s ration card details of ahara APL ration card, Ahara BPL ration card, and Ahara Antyodaya Ration card.

The family have Karnataka ration card and are in the APL category means their income is more. Means the people in APL have income more than below the poverty level. The APL cardholder gets basic facilities from Ration card Karnataka.

If someone has BPL ration card means they are below the poverty level and their income is low. The BPL ration card has most benefits given in the foods and civil supply department of Karnataka State. If you are BPL card holder then you can get low-cost rice and wheat, sugar, Dal, Kerosene, Cooking Oil like refined and mustard oil.

The third category is the Antyodaya ration card. Antyodaya ration card is for them who are very poor. These families are so poor that they can not get basic facilities. And for them, Karnataka state government give them free rice and wheat.

So, this is the information about Karnataka ration card category. Now let’s see the information is for How to get ration card list 2019?

How to check Karnataka Ration Card list 2019?

This step by step guide will help to check the Karnataka Ration Card list 2019. With this distribution list, the government started to upload beneficiaries of ration card. The people are divided into a category based on their family income. People who have income more have APL ration card. Those who are in Below Poverty Level have BPL card and lastly, for the very poor are covered in Antyodaya category.

For more details, you can visit the food and civil supply of consumer affairs department Karnataka government website. Open this government website https://ahara.kar.nic.in/ for more information.

When you click on the complete list the list is openly shown in below image.

Then you have to select the district.

  • After selecting the district, you have to select from Taluka.
  • Now select the village.

  • Now you can see the ration card holder list on the screen.
  • You can see the ration card holder name and number and you can see the TRC/PRC number list.
  • Click on your TRC/PRC number.
  • Now you can also download the ration card detail but first, you have to complete the verification process.
  • You have two option for verification with OTP number and without OTP number.
  • If you select with OTP number the OTP will send to register mobile number.
  • If you choose without OTP number you have to enter your Ration card number.
  • Now you can download and print your ration card details.

Karnataka Ration Card Status Online

To check the Ration card status online you have to visit official website www.ahara.kar.nic.in/lpg/

The Karnataka Ration card status list is divided into three divisions.

  1. Bengaluru District
  2. Kalamburagi / Bengaluru Division (Urban and Rural)
  3. Belagavi / Mysuru Division

From the above divisions select your division. After clicking on any division the food and civil supply and consumer affairs ministry open and you see options like

  • Check Karnataka ration card application status.
  • Status of your ration card.
  • Ration card Karnataka Amendment request status.
  • UID linking of RC number.
  • Denial of Ration – Registration
  • Attendance for vigilance committee meeting Registration.

After select category, you have to select options with OTP and without OTP for verification.

Now you can see the status of the ration card.

Here we give information about how to download ahara ration card, ration card status on ahara website. Hope this information will help you with ahara ration card Karnataka. If you any question-related to ahara ration card list 2019 ask by commenting below.

Thank you for reading.

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